We feel that weekends should never be boring and for that the best thing to do in this pleasant weather is to try something adventurous this weekend. And everything fun and exciting doesn’t always have to be something that is physically exhausting or scary. So, here’s a list of activities that you can have some thrill with while you have an action-packed weekend.

Adventure Sports

Why not try to get rid of a fear over the weekend? Many camps, groups and even organizations such as the India Mountaineering Foundation let you feel the thrill of adventure for a few hours without you having to actually travel all the way to a camp or even a hill station. They have rock-climbing walls, bungee

Amusement Parks

We almost never visit one until and unless its with the kids of the family or some impromptu plan that happens once in many years. Amusement parks are for everybody; there’s something for everyone. So why not make a plan just with those who wouldn’t mind going crazy on the rides with you?

Try Horse Riding

There are many Equestrian academies that one can get in touch with to learn how to ride these gentle giants. They organize several batches of classes and we can even book individual sessions instead of a monthly course with most of them. We get to bond with these beautiful animals while we pick on a new skill. If you ask us, we think its definitely a win-win.

Visit a National Reserve or Sanctuary

For the animal lovers or brave-hearted, a quick trip to a nearby animal reserve could be the best way to unwind. To be able to see and, we daresay, even touch the animals in their natural habitat could be just the thing you needed to unwind.

Fly a plane

No, for flying this plane, neither do you need to be a pilot nor do you need a license or formal training or any experience at all. If you are one of the lucky few, then you might have a Flight simulator experience in your city. You get to fly a plane with the complete simulations through takeoffs, landings and even turbulence with no actual risk!