Pocket squares have always been a refined medium to add a touch of your personality and glam on a men’s suit over decades now. A piece so classic without which a man’s wardrobe is incomplete.

We are all evolving and changing as a society and our fashion follows right behind us. What was once acceptable only for one gender has slowly bled into acceptable fashion for the other. The lines of gender-specific fashion are blurring every day. And the beauty of the movement is that fluidity is open to one’s interpretation.

We have mindfully created our pocket squares to add a taste of interest to your office wardrobe by creating visual texture for both men & women.


Introducing a perfect friend for your belt. Pick your everyday belt tie a bow or just intertwine the pocket square around it, on the side or on the buckle to give a new look to your basic belt.

Give a break to the boring hair ties! The pocket squares can be worn with many hairstyles. Have fun with it twist it, plait it, braid it or simply make a bow out of it. It can make add a very chic and elegant finishing touch to your look.

The neutral and structured office totes can now get a hint of fun color, print or texture. Go as bold as you can with these elements without the fear of breaking the office dress code. The pocket square’s size and the neutral color of the bag will create the right balance and make you stand out from the office crowd.


Your neck won’t look the same as everyone else’s in the room because of the element as interesting as yours. You can fold and layer a pocket square below the collar of your polo or shirt instead of the usual necktie. Make sure that the prints or colors of the pocket square look cohesive with your rest of the outfit to nail this statement look.

Fold and create fun shapes with your pocket squares according to your mood and vibe of the outfit. You can also pair them together and experiment with its placement other than the usual chest pocket.

Add detail to your plain shirt, fold and roll the pocket square of a contrasting color on the cuff of your shirt to add a fun tweak to your office style.