Manga & anime are oceans that surround the lands of creativity and imagination. These shows and books are doors to the insight of the little ones (and adults of course) who have, we included, found some solace in them from the otherwise uninteresting activities of life.

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Shows like Dragonball Z, the spellbinding Ghibli Studio movies and the most wondrous adaption of the 19th-century Swiss novel Heidi give testament to the underlying substance that resonates with the stuff that shapes up dreams. The instant success of Pokemon Go speaks for itself after the show became a part of our everyday routine. Digimon merchandise, for that matter, is still popular with the kids. These shows and characters have undoubtedly modelled our fanciful worlds in some manner, if only with a presence on our lunch boxes or school bags. On a new road to Japan, we are discussing why manga and anime are such a wonderful part of our lives.

A Comprehensive World

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Religiously following anime series or spending tons of money on manga books is often frowned upon. However, fans would agree that the storehouse of anime series have references from the most discrete and wonderful ideas in the world.

Anime can be a great way to learn the Japanese language and culture as well. Naruto Shippuden is one of the most popular anime shows across the world. It is THE definition of imagination and fantasy and not without some sense of reality. On the other hand, Attack on Titan entertains the thought of survival against the giant, naked cannibals. You can find a sense of strong relationships in each show, especially friendship.

Fashion is all Around

There is no doubt that contemporary fashion is inspired by anime and manga. It has given birth to Cosplay which is followed consistently around the globe. You can find anime and manga characters sporting some of best tops for women and men.

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A tale that takes the protagonist 5 centuries into the past, the screenplay of InuYasha, one of the legends of anime & manga, presents one of the most fashionable of characters – Kagome. Our catalogue consists of collar inspirations from this beloved character.

On the other hand, you can find floral prints that resemble the outfits from Samurai Champloo which was created by the man behind Cowboy Bebop- Shinichirō Watanabe.

A collection that pays tribute to the Japanese culture is incomplete without inspirations from Naruto. The wrap over tunic is in tune with Sakura’s wardrobe and the Contrast Collar Pique shirt is an adaption of Gaara’s style. Online clothes shopping with anime-inspired clothes is an integral part of our Japan collection.

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A Form of Expression

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The art of expression is particularly difficult and this is where Japanese Manga & Anime have established hard ground. Most characters are relatable and the stories entertain the most thought-provoking messages. It is notable that the female characters are particularly highlighted in many series and aren’t only one-dimensional secondary characters in the storyline.

We’re sure all of you remember the adorable Pikachu and the soundtrack that marked the beginning of another episode of Pokemon. There’s much more than just entertainment in the episodes and pages of these art forms.

Comparison with American Counterparts

A rather common conception is that anime is for children when it is everything but that. If you have seen ‘Spirited Away’, you may be blown away with the myriad of characters and the animation in the young years, but it is only as an adult when you can appreciate the hidden symbolism behind every frame.

The word is that American animation is more realistic as compared to the Japanese anime. It could also be said that that’s just a matter of perspective. There is no doubt that some of the best-animated movies like ‘Frozen’ have come from American studios like Disney and Pixar, but the simple hand-drawn characters of When Marnie Was There in comparison are much closer to humanly attributes.

It is a metaphysical world with the most bizarre ideas and basic lessons of life. You can, as a child, treat it as a medium of entertainment and find it to be an insight into the psychology of the conceptual world as an adult. The best part is that you can view most of them online, that too for free!