Make way for Avantika Bakshi, the curly haired 28-year-old, taking the music industry by a small but powerful storm. Spirited, fierce and fabulous, Avantika is everything modern India loves.

Find out what she told us about her love for music, fashion and more:

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Deep, Euphoric, Sincere, Spirited, Fearless

When did you realize, you wanted to be a DJ?

Truth be told, I never intended on becoming a DJ. This is a part and parcel of my “larger plan / future goal” which involves an amalgamation of electronic music with live elements such as vocals and instruments to create somewhat of an ensemble. After having completed my production and DJ course from Dubspot in 2014, I decided to focus more on putting myself out there in order to carve out my space in the industry before introducing people to the more concrete aspect i.e. production and singing/live.

Your biggest challenge being a part of such a male dominated industry

I believe that its not easy being a woman in any industry, let alone the music industry. But yes, being a part of a male dominated industry does have its own set of challenges. One problem is that women are quickly judged by their appearance. Secondly, the monopolized booking industry initiated by fear of failure can be intimidating for most women who may then be less likely to try something new. However, for the women who are bold enough to challenge the imbalance, there are a lot of open doors. I believe we should get rid of the “I don’t think I can” attitude and believe in “I know I can”, and follow our greatest ambitions.

Favourite Music Festival?

In India: EDC, NH7 Weekender, Magnetic Fields and Krank

Outside India: Governors Ball, Ultra, Treasure Island Music Festival

Your most memorable gig?

Yotto at Auro, 16 Bit Lolitas at Hilltop Goa, Red Room Sessions at Fio Cook House & Bar, Derrick Barry at Kitty Su, Mumbai

Most annoying thing someone does during a gig?

“Can you play my requested song next, pleaaaaaaaaseeeeeee”

What is fashion to you?

Self-expression, confidence, beauty, progression. Using your body as a canvas to express your personality.

Favourite places to hangout in Delhi?

My place or a friend (Netflix & Chill / Sushi, Sake and Chill), ATM (A Ta Maison) in Sunder Nagar & more friends’ homes 😉

Your next vacation destination / destinations?

Greece, Croatia, Netherlands

Top three songs in your playlist?

What’s a girl got to do – Fatima Yamaha, I Had This Thing (Joris Voorn Remix) – Ryksopp , Deep In My Soul – 16 Bit Lolitas

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?

Script writer cum Actor, a stand-up comedian, maybe an Astronaut?

Advise for any upcoming musicians

Serve people your soul

Avantika is wearing PostFolds Gingham Style Top & Stripe Out Summer Dress