Presenting our favourite style of the season The bomber jacket. This jacket doesnt have a very petite frame and has shoulders that are boxy and angular in shape. Bet you didn’t know that this jacket was?originally created for pilots. Today, the bomber jacket is a symbol of style, power and leadership with everyone from presidents to executives sporting the garment. With a biker jacket look, this jacket is a slightly tamed version and boasts of different styles over the years as fashion has progressed.

A quilted bomber jacket has a slightly more full look as opposed to a biker jacket. The quilts in the jacket ensure warmth from the cold and a stylish appeal. Versatile and practical, all the while looking good, the bomber jacket can be constructed in an array of different fabrics and styles.

Styling a bomber jacket can be pretty easy. For guy, combining it with a pair of denims and some ankle shoes can create an effortless look that works in every situation. For a woman, pairing it with feminine silhouettes such as dresses and skirts creates a chic juxtaposition that looks classy as well as funky. The femininity of the skirt or dress sensitizes the slight masculine and rough look of the bomber jacket.

We just launched a new bomber jacket each for men and women! Don’t forget to check them out.