Diwali as we know it is a season to spread joy, share special moments with family & friends and uplift the people and communities that surround us.

This year we took a stride further than merely donating money to the causes we were supporting; we instead volunteered time and donated items of need that would make impacts in their day-to-day lives.

53 blood donations were made towards Red Cross/SimplyBlood’s cause

40 packets of stationery (books, pens, pencils) were donated to the children of Literacy India

75 Kgs of rice and 5kgs of bread was donated to Friendicoes Delhi

18 Kgs of biryani was donated to the residents of Munirka Ran Basera via Robin Hood Army, Delhi

We kicked off #DoGoodDiwali, with a blood drive on 6th October at our partner factory, Orient Craft Ltd. in Gurgaon in support of SimplyBlood. This NGO is working towards eradicating the blood deficit related deaths in India by 2020. Their catalyst is a mobile app that connectors donors to recipients via a real-time query.

The following week on 13th October, team members from PostFold taught 40 children basic and advanced Word and Powerpoint skills at Literacy India‘s location in Bajghera, Gurgaon. We taught them functions like changing font colours and sizes right up to inserting images and hyperlinking it.

On 27th October, we had our last sprint of Do Good Diwali 2018; we donated vegetarian biryani in collaboration with Biryani By Kilo to 50-60 children of Munirka Ran Basera. This location is a government-approved night shelter. It warmed our heart to talk to the children and their families. Food is such a basic need, we realized, and the mission RHA is on is really impacting these people to lead better lives. We heard of stories of hardships and struggles to feed the mouths per family, it broke our heart.

We thank our loyal customers who generously donated during this period and campaign to make each event impactful, resourceful and remembrance-worthy.

We look forward to next year’s DoGoodDiwali campaign where we will create more impacts, on a bigger scale within our region.