Ethical fashion is a term that often pops up in the articles we read and the blogs we follow. It’s a great thing to be known as a brand that people associates with

But how can brands be conscious of their ethical impact?

For brands like PostFold, it’s not a thought out process, but something that comes to us naturally. Paying our workers the wages they deserve isn’t something that is negotiable, compromising on the quality of the fabric we use isn’t an option, selling at prices unfair to our customers isn’t what we are here for.

But what exactly entails Ethical Fashion and how is it different from Sustainable or even slow fashion?

Sustainable Fashion:

It largely comprises of measures taken to ensure that the garments are made in an environmentally conscious manner. Neither the design nor the production nor the product or its usage harms the environment in any manner.

Slow Fashion:

And we have all heard of fast fashion and its impact on the environment, but the new term to know and learn is slow fashion. Slow fashion has to do less with the process and more with the product itself. The products are made with the finest quality of fabrics and are meant to not only last seasons but also generations.

Ethical Fashion:

Whereas, ethical fashion in the broadest terms means fashion that is designed, created and crafted with every possible moral kept in mind. No humans should be harmed or exploited in any way possible, nor should nature be impacted severely or be damaged.

Ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which maximises benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment.

–Ethical Fashion Forum

Our Process:

Design and research are a core part of our process where we ensure that the garments we make are ones that you can love for a long time to come.

Fabrics selected by us are of the best possible quality to ensure that the garments last for a really long time.

Our workers are given a healthy and safe environment to work in where at the end of the day they can go home assured of the fair wages they will receive and job security.

The products go through rigorous quality checks before they are shipped out to you or even made available to you.

With a vision to give the best to people at both the ends, PostFold does fair pricing and trade practices. We also donate the clothes that we can to the less fortunate and believe in the spirit of giving and try to help in whatever other ways we can.

Ethical fashion, by all means, is the way that all brands can gradually shift to giving back to the society while still making profits and goodwill all at the same time.

Is the cheap price tag worth the exploitation of the workers who made them or the quality that won’t last you more than a season or two? Thus, with times changing and all organizations being accountable for the mark they leave, it’s important that we as citizens check what is the actual cost of the goods we purchased.