In the fashion industry, trends keep changing. Some become classics while others are short-lived. One this is for sure, short lived or long lived, trends definitely create a stir. Here are some of our top picks of the eagerly awaited trends of 2017.


Stripes are bold and adventurous. Horizontal or vertical, diagonal or straight, one can’t help but agree that stripes are absolutely fun. They’ve been in trend for a long time and are continuing their reign in 2017 . We’re launching some cool striped styles in our upcoming collection as well.

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Power Shoulder

In the fashion industry, shoulders are a play field for the designers. Experimenting with different styles, silhouettes, shapes and colours, the shoulder trend itself is a whole category on it’s own. Puffed shoulders that add dimension and life to the garment or embellished shoulder patched that take the garment to a whole new level, this is one trend we can get behind.

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Sleeve Focus

Sleeve focus is one of the main 2017 trends to look forward to. Big, puffy, voluminous sleeves are in. Hello statement sleeves! Like the shoulders, sleeves have a great bandwidth for design processes, trims, patches, embellishments etc. Get some attention to your sleeves this season.

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Indigo is the perfect add on to this summer season, with shades of blue with varying tones and brightness. Deep yet light, Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. It creates a unique looking fabric that has life and vitality. Definitely a must have 2017 trend.

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Basketry Texture

Basketry texture is the process of adding a rough yet funky texture to the garment, that not only adds dimension and life to the garment, but also makes the garment look unique. It may look rough but the result comes out absolutely gorgeous!

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Here’s hoping some of them turn into classics!