For many of us, the change in routine can be stressful and feel disruptive to our daily life. That’s what quarantine time has done for us it has shifted the curve of our lives.

It’s okay to feel worried and scared given the current scenario. But it’s important to pause right now and not get overwhelmed by the overflow of these negative emotions. We need to make a conscious attempt to feel better every day. There will be days where we will feel scattered, disappointed, angry, anxious, scared but we need to believe that the next day is going to be better, more hopeful and better with each passing day.

It will be beneficial to create a new routine for yourself during this time to help you stay positive and on track. Morning is the time to get most of important tasks done, be it office or home. In the afternoon, when you are feeling a little lazy after the lunch focus on some less important tasks to do. In the evening, indulge in some self-care, do things that make you happy and spend some quality time with your family.

Some of the self-care tools which can help are –
  1. Mindfulness – focus on breathing meditation or indulge in yoga
  2. Sleep – invest in rest. Get those 8 hours of sleep
  3. Creating boundaries – Identify what’s most triggering – house work or office, things you can reach a middle ground with family and colleagues or on your own, things that you are enjoying – communicate in a healthy way to your people
  4. Practice not just social distancing but also, social media distancing – this includes not just Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok but also, your favorite app to watch movies and series. Have a log in and log out routine for yourself. Try if you can make Sunday as a “No Social Media Day” to give your body and mind some rest
  5. Avoid watching the COVID-19 graph to keep the negative emotions at bay
  6. Keep your phone away after 10pm or 11pm as per your schedule to be able to get a good night’s sleep
  7. Prepare our mind for the future – Identify things that will stress you and your routine, hindrances that will act up once the lockdown opens and prepare your mind and body for that

Take this time of to assess your life and bring in the positive changes you always wanted to!

Don’t forget to keep the faith. There are brighter days ahead!