In the world of Mahatma, Mandela and Martin lives a certain Gloria Steinem. Few people in this world exist who don’t know her, so why don’t we talk about her more often? Here, we attempt to balance this conversational void with a curated list of her greatest works on gender politics, life, injustice, and acts of rebellion.

But first, who is Gloria Steinem?

They say revolutionaries think inside the box and make it better. In 1934, Gloria Steinem was born to do so. A cursive search over the internet will tell you that she is a globally-recognized journalist, socio-political activist and a pioneer of the Feminist movement (a modern extension of the Suffragette movement) who travels around the world lecturing and inspiring millions about equality – a fundamental the world has repeatedly sort to suppress. She is a source of great inspiration to us. With such an idea, we introduce a collection of tie-up shirts for women along with designer tunics online to assist millennials in their road to change and making an image for themselves in the process.

What has made Gloria truly revolutionary is the power with which she champions truth and justice, while always being the one to address the elephant in the room – be it protesting the Vietnam and Gulf wars, furthering the cause of gender equality, demonstrating against Apartheid, or advocating the right to reproductive freedom.

Moving on, we recommend the following of her published works as mandatory reads for those looking to start a revolution – first, within themselves; later, around themselves.

1. Outrageous Acts & Everyday Rebellions

It is said that with this work, the world didn’t lose a journalist, but gained an author; her most famous reports are a part of the said book. Her pioneering take on female genital mutilation and the most prominent Playboy expose together spell a classic. A detailed profile of Linda Lovelace speaks about how she was rather misunderstood in her time and all the injustices she faced during her controversial life

2. Revolution from Within

If her life has been about something, it’s self-esteem. Revolution from Within is an unparalleled text in the fight against existence. It also considers independence beyond pressures and bias. Steinem provides perspective through personal instances like looking for an idol in Gandhi. She acknowledged that change inside finds change around.

3. Marilyn

As the name goes, Steinem introduced the person behind the Hollywood personality. The starlet’s journey to fame and all the problems in the path are worth a read; it isn’t what you can find anywhere. To let you in on a secret, it is an account of her personal interview with Monroe (and of course, more); it regards her life contrasted to gender politics in the industry and how Monroe was much more than just a female star.

4. Moving Beyond Words

Steinem’s humour is as unique as eye-opening. One of 6 pieces of this compilation is a burlesque on Freudian thought where the famous psychologist is substituted by a woman. How about that!

5. My Life on the Road

My Life on the Road is a detailed autobiographical memoir, a narration of her childhood experiences that defined her life. The passages are full of anecdotes – “Each of us has an inner child of the past living with us”. The multi-faceted personality gives the reader a glimpse into her association with prominent like Florynce Kennedy and Wilma Mankiller. At the age of 81, Steinem’s narrative finally exuded inner-peace as opposed to a certain commotion that was earlier apparent.

In her decades of activism, Gloria has inspired positive change in countries, governments and people all over the world. Rebellion with a just cause is a revolution. That’s what Gloria Steinem teaches us.

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Think today is the day you start a revolution!