Starting and prepping for your first day in a new workplace can be a daunting, overwhelming, exciting, hopeful, nervous. Whilst trying to bask those emotions there’s the stress of what to wear. But if you follow certain standards regarding workwear, then you can never go wrong.

Grooming is the most essential element in formal dressing:

For women clipped clean nails are a must, get manicure and pedicure done if possible in nude, pastel colours. Your hair should be tame and tidy when kept open, in a ponytail or a bun. Wear a little makeup to feel the best version of yourself, apply concealer to brighten up your skin. Mascara or eyeliner to open up our eyes. Go for lipstick in muted colours.

For men also trimmed nails are vital, the hair should look clean and professional. Make sure that the shoes are polished and the clothes are well ironed and crisp.
Your first day at work style depends on your company’s culture and environment.


Opt for neutral and pastel base solid colours in more conservative pieces. It is a good idea to keep it as classic as possible. To stand out pick pieces with interesting silhouettes or details like pleats, ruffles, buttons in blouses, trousers, jumpsuits and dresses. Not to forget the accessories, keep your bags structured in neutral colours with metallic accents. Wear closed-toe shoes for a polished appeal. Keep the jewellery dainty and minimal and always match metal in the overall look solitaires, pearls and watches look classy and chic.

The Powder Blue Day Shirt is perfect for your first day.

Men should look for pieces that are well-tailored and have impressive micro details like stripes, checks, dainty prints and weaving patterns. Invest in accessories in the shades of brown and black and try to match the belt, shoes and watches.

The Grey Checkerboard Shirt is perfect for your first day.

Smart Casuals:

Smart casuals leave you with an option to be express your style and be formal at the same time. The clothing experiments can be subtle and work appropriately. The silhouettes can be relaxed and comfortable and fun colors can also be worn.

The Easy Day Dress In Olive makes up for a perfect smart casual look.

A delight for men, they can pull out their casual shirts and polos. Comfort is key, Shoes and pants are less formal. Keep it colourful, fresh and basic with little detail. the best part is you can be yourself and express your style in your work environment.

The Summer Stipe Polo in Emerald makes up for a perfect smart casual look.

Work these tricks to set the right first impression without worrying much! Kudos to the new beginning!