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Monsoons are nature’s way of renewal. While summers drain our spirits over three long months, a good first shower refreshes the senses. Luckily enough, monsoons do not make most of India inaccessible; the Sun decides to show up soon enough after a decent shower and your floral print tops will be just the right attire for the breezy days.

India enjoys diverse topography and some places just liven up with rains. For the adventurous, this season is much better than the colder months, when literally everyone is out and about looking for the time of their lives. If the proverbial peacock inside you finds joy as the skies open up, this the right time to ramble on.

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. ~ Bob Marley

Occasionally, we all look up at the heavens and hope for relief from the pangs of Indian summers. The urge to head back home and enjoy a sumptuous plate of fritters when it rains usually takes over the hassle of walking the muddy and misty paths of cities and towns. It’s probably a good idea to sit tight if a cloudy sky makes you want to head indoors. For the others, it’s time to pack their backpack and go.

Where does the road take you?

Travel is about going in to the unknown, and as Lao Tzu said, a good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. While curiosity will lead you in and out of adventures, it is up to you to make smart choices. Staying on main highways is a prudent choice, lest you find it amusing to be stuck in a landslide or a torrential downpour. Be wary of the hazards and remember to be cautious, especially if traveling alone.

Travel Smart

However impulsive your decisions may be, you must not get ahead of yourself while packing. Take that favourite cotton formal shirt but remember that you will need that raincoat/waterproof jacket with a hoodie, plastic bags for your electronics and rain boots if you’re planning to tread into a forest. Don’t forget a mosquito repellant.

Travel light though, as it can be tiresome to commute when you’re wet. Plus, your body is susceptible to germs and viruses, therefore make sure you’re fit and carry the essential medicines.

Forget the Itinerary

Monsoon travel is more suitable for the ones alright with the road taking them wherever it goes. Flights are not necessarily the smoothest and might be delayed indefinitely. A road trip might be subject to circumstantial delay, which is why you must choose a smart means of travel; perhaps the railways. But don’t let these obstacles deter you if you are one who enjoys experience over everything else.

“Where am I going?”

It could be a question of life choices, but in this case, we’re looking at a few places in India that are no less than any other in the world.

Western Ghats – the green mountains of the region are extremely beautiful when renewed with the monsoon showers. Lonavla, Bhimshankar in Pune, camping at Bhanadrdara in Ahmednagar, and Matheran in Raigad are but few popular destinations of the many offerings of the region.

Goa –winter vacations are closely associated with Goa, but it is equally refreshing to chart the humble state in monsoon. The place is practically empty which means more privacy to do whatever you like and get accommodation for the price of peanuts.

Andaman & Nicobar – The archipelago of hundreds of islands in the Bay of Bengal is at the pinnacle of monsoon destinations and there’s no dearth of cheap flights there. The serene beaches and clear waters are something that you will remember forever.

Kutch in Gujarat, Pondicherry and Koikanal in Tamil Nadu. Numerous places in Karnataka, Udaipur, Pushkar and Mount Abu in Rajasthan, Munnar and Wayand in Kerala, and Cherrapunji and Shillong. You can even head to Spiti and Ladakh; the list is clearly never ending.

Spoilt for choice yet?