On the 25th of January, we hosted the second leg of our LightUp workshop for the Postfold family.

The very first workshop that we had saw very nervous answers and shy smiles, but by this workshop, we could see more confident strides and twinkling eyes. We could see that whether they had implemented the first lesson in their life or not, something had helped spark joy in them!

The LightUp Team with the Postfold Family

Their first lesson was how we sometimes let emotions like anger and jealousy get the better of us. With a few exercises and a bit of empathy in tow, Juhi & Madhu from Team LightUp taught us how to channelise these emotions to do better; be better. This session we learnt the importance of gratitude and how counting our blessings isn’t just a shallow way of dealing with negative thoughts! What warms our hearts is to see everyone come out of their shell to share their experiences. Timid answers turn into happy laughter by the end of these sessions and that has been our biggest achievement so far with these workshops.

We all discussed how we were grateful for little joys like stolen moments with friends to spending Sundays with our families after a hectic week. We all have something we are grateful for, but often in the hustle-bustle of life, we get too caught up to pause and take notice. This workshop was a nudge in the direction to take a step back and notice how much we all have to be grateful for. The lessons we learnt were: Gratitude helps us stay away from toxic emotions Gratitude can be found in the smallest of things It takes time for gratitude to come back to you Gratitude has lasting effects on the brain in the form of warm positive vibes It’s a small start perhaps, but a few minutes spent every day counting our blessings could be the beginning of a much more positive outlook to life!