Minal Anand

We caught up with Minal Anand, who is determined to help improve the education system in India. There may be a little bit of Boston in her but her heart belongs to New Delhi. Find out more about her journey and her style statements.

1. Tell us about yourself…

Well, I was born and brought up in Delhi. I went to Modern School Vasant Vihar and then Vasant Valley. I graduated from Boston University in 2013 with a degree in Business Administration with a major in finance.

2. what is the story of GuruQ and the inspiration behind it?

During my college education in USA, I saw a dramatic difference in the education system there, vis–vis that in India – its quality, the predominant use of digital platform and ground breaking teaching methodologies. Even back home, I witnessed a huge disparity between students who had studied abroad and those who had not. A big reason for this difference is that the educators in India are not well-equipped or well-versed in innovative teaching methods. It all starts from school education. Although schools in India are making considerable efforts in providing quality education, the teacher to student ratio in schools today does not allow teachers to devote quality time to every student. This demand for personalized attention that todays curriculums require is met by home tuitions. Today, almost every child has some form of tuition. Hence, it becomes even more important to equip tutors with the latest teaching methodologies and keep them updated with international approaches in contributing to better learning. I knew what I wanted to do. My quest for doing something innovative made me delve deeper, understand the challenges and create a platform that would revolutionise home schooling.

GuruQ aims to do just that. Were one-of-a-kind digital platform where tutors can connect with and teach students, gain recognition, manage time efficiently and increase earnings. Students and parents can choose tutors on the basis of past reviews and ratings, manage timetables, and assess progress and more. Our esteemed Academic Board will help mentor tutors and provide programs for their continuous evolution. We also plan to work with various NGOs to educate underprivileged children by holding classes in remote rural areas.

We look forward to collaborating with exceptional educators, and endeavour to take GuruQ to new heights, together. John Dewey, the American philosopher, psychologist and education reformer, had said Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself., and I strongly believe that quality education is the only way to create quality lives ahead.

3. Perfect day at work?

Haha I dont think an entrepreneur can ever have a perfect day. But the minute I wake up I can feel what kind of day its going to be. But usually my perfect day is when I am able finish my days major tasks before lunch. And of course when nobody from my team is absent.

4. Whats your personal style?

I truly believe that clothes express how you feel. The days I dress better I feel better. My personal style is very eclectic. I love being adventurous with my clothing and incorporating different looks to reflect my current mood.

5. If you had an autobiography or biography what would it be called?

Blazin past you or I did it my way!

6. Next destinations?

Iceland and Tanzania

7. What is the easiest and most impressive thing you have worn to a meeting?

A light blue shirt with balloon sleeves & long cuffs paired with high wasted blue pants and my beige Valentino flats that go with absolutely everything…

8. Three things you dont leave the house without?

Well, there are 4 – My phone, my iPad, AirPods and most importantly Vaseline.

9. Biggest inspiration.

My biggest inspiration at this point of time is Hilary Clinton. Some might consider this to be cliche but her courage and strength is truly admirable. After the greatest defeat in political history to a MAN with NO political experience, no sense of presidential decorum and conduct, to see her get back up and conduct herself with such poise and grace, write a book reflecting on her loss and the get back out there on the public forum to continue to inspire women across the world, is truly awe inspiring. In a world seeped with misogyny and inequality of women still so stark and apparent, her strength and courage has been a huge source of inspiration for women across the globe. Business isnt very different, there are ups and downs, but the key is to always get back up and move forward. Success isnt easy, it doesnt come in a day. Its all about perseverance and getting back up no matter how many times you fail.

10. Fashion trend you are sick of?

Cold-shoulder tops and chokers

11. Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Think through your ideas, dont jump into anything unless you have weighed all pros and cons. Make sure you make a list of 101 reasons why your idea is revolutionary or solves a need/ problem. And once you know youre going forward with it, let nothing stop you until youve achieved your goal. Perseverance perseverance perseverance…

Minal is wearing PostFolds