Meet Naina and Pawan, a brother sister duo who are making advances within social disciplines that impact us and our surroundings.

Naina is currently the COO of EcoWise – a leading waste management company that offers recycling and disposal services on a pan India basis. While Pawan is the CEO and Co-founder of Curofy, a healthcare app that creates a robust support system where cases get solved more efficiently and rapidly.

We sat down with them to learn about their passions and journeys; here’s a snippet of the conversation:

A quote that really speaks to you both

Pawan: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. – Steve Jobs

Naina: Everything happens for a reason

What’s your strongest memory together while growing up?

Pawan taught Naina how to ride a bike when she was a kid and Naina said that was the moment she will cherish forever as it was a moment she realized how important it was to have an elder brother to guide and support her.

How has the journey been growing up together? How have your parents supported you through the journey?

It has been a constant learning process where either Pawan or Naina have been setting benchmarks higher and higher; and crushing them! Their parents have always been supportive and open minded which has allowed them to take decisions in whichever direction they wish – be it in entrepreneurship or working within a social cause.

Naina :

What have you learned about waste management and it’s impacts since you started working at EcoWise?

I learned so much about the informal recycling system and how to appropriately recycle or trash items. A cool fact I learned was that everything from human hair to plastics can be recycled!

What do you think the government can do to further waste management initiatives?

The government needs to support companies that are helping clean India via investment in capital or land. The industry is very capital intensive and scaling is hard without the infrastructure that can be supported by the government. Also, there needs to be policies and procedures in place to authorize companies that are collecting, segregating and recycling the waste items appropriately in order to recognize their efforts and create benchmarks.

How has tech enabled/raised awareness of waste management?

Social media has really boosted the awareness around recycling and correctly disposing items which was much needed!

Pawan :

What inspired you to start Curofy?

Curofy came out of recognizing the need for this robust support system and wanting to be a person that is pioneering this movement rather than leaving it to just happen.

What was the most touching moment you experienced while growing Curofy?

There was a case in Bihar where a new born child was diagnosed with a heart ailment and the doctor posted his query on Curofy. Soon after, a doctor from Delhi responded and offered to provide medical assistance to the child in Delhi. The child was flown in and taken care of. This showed the power of building communities and supporting the community in times of dire need.

What are the healthcare myths you want to dispel?

  • Doctors are trying to make money and swindle clients –
  • That is not true because most doctors are in the field because they care about their patients and want to genuinely do their job well
  • Hospitals don’t make money