Helping build what is perhaps India’s biggest blogger story, Nicole Juneja is found holidaying in Paris when she’s not busy being the digital strategist for Miss Malini. So here’s what she told us while we had a quick chat with her.

1. Tell us about you.

Glass always half full.

Love the work I do, which makes every day a party (I do celebrate quite often!).

2. Favorite places to hang out in Delhi?

Perch, Piano Man, Blue Tokai, Delhi Rock and the Dhan Mill Compound in Chattarpur – too many fun things happening in that neighbourhood.

3. What is ‘fashion’ to you?

An extension of your personality.

4. Things you don’t leave your home without?

My phone, car keys and Ruby Woo (lipstick).

5. Your next vacation destination / destinations?

Just spent 3 weeks in Paris and Hannover. Next vacation will be a while. (sigh)

6. Most favourite song in your playlist?

That’s a tough one; too many to pick from. Adore the covers done by Postmodern Jukebox, especially the ones featuring Miche Braden and Cristina Gatti (like ‘Drunk in Love’, ‘Story of my Life’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’). Love Sylvan Esso’s ‘HSKT’ too, and have ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello on loop right now.

7. What inspires you to work at MissMalini?

Why work with a super fun social media Jedi? I think that’s rhetorical. 😉

8. Top 3 blogs everyone should follow?

I Spend more time on YouTube than blogs nowadays. Alright if I share my favourite channels instead? Here are a few:

1. Daily Show with Trevor Noah

2. Late Late Show with James Corden

3. Maria Forleo

9. Favorite authors?

It’s been ages since I spent the day with a good book, but here are few old favourites: Bill Bryson, Dan Brown, J. K. Rowling, Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner – such a fun duo.

10. Favorite cheat meal?

Any meal at Big Chill Factory.

Nicole is wearing PostFold’s Kimono Girl