One of our favourite parts of doing what we do, we get to meet a lot of wonderful people. Over the past one year we interacted and worked with quite a few. On turning one, we decided to take a little journey back to what the entire one year was all about and decided to host a shoot with these people. We styled them, shot with them and engaged in banter the entire day. Read on as we introduce you to them over the next 2 weeks.

Nayantara Parikh

Usually found behind the camera, Nayantara was the first photographer we ever had the pleasure to work with. We asked her to switch the sides of the camera this time, she and her outfit embodied the versatility of PostFold perfectly. In addition to the beautiful smile, she’s wearing the jacquard knit top, the plaid shirt dress and the lace dress.

Sahil Marwaha

You have probably seen him around. The partner and a PR Ninja of Beam and Words. We absolutely love working with the Beam and words team and we couldn’t not have them as a part of this shoot. Sahil is a fitness enthusiast, a sneaker head and a music lover. He wore the zipper polo as a part of his look.


Imran was the first model we worked this year, last time the hair looked a little different though. Over the last year we became friends with Imran who calls India his home, He enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures. His look for the shoot defines street in every way, PostFold has always stood for being a versatile brand but It proved it when Imran wore the teal grey cotton shirt?over a pair of joggers and still managed to SLAY.

Minhazz Majumdar

“Breathe. Smile. Dress Up. Have fun. Be your Own Hero. Cancer is not the end of the road”- Minhazz Majumdar is a friend who got in touch with us over social media. She is a cancer survivor and she exuded positivity as she entered the room. She is an artist, curator and has worked with handmade textiles her entire life. She picked out the team favorite, the plaid antique dress.

Aashray Thatai

The backbone to solutions, Aashray Thatai. The question master who will mostly counter every statement you might pass in front of him, full proofing the system and making it unbreakable. As much he full proofs his functions, he makes sure every body around him is as well. With that smile, he would definitely make you blush. A personality thats either a black or white with no shades of grey, Aashray decided to sport the quilted bomber jacket.

Heena Bhalla

Another Friend of the brand, Heena is a super model in all ways possible. She started off with the shoot day and trust us when we say this, she set just the tone needed for the day. A multimedia graduate, she’s now a full-time model shuttling between Delhi and Bombay. As talented as she is at what she does, she also runs her own start up “That’s a Wrap” She is styled in the winter sherpa jacket over the Plaid Bardot top.

Anjali Batra (Ms FoodTalkIndia)

Ms. FoodTalkIndia! Anjali is in every way admirable, charismatic and friendly. We met her for the first time @grubfest and the first thing she eyed was the tri-embellished bardot top she’s wearing. She self-proclaims that off-shoulders are her thing and tell you what, we completely understand why.

Ashish Gurnani

The go getter, the one who always knows what he wants. Ashish Gurnani, sure knows how to man the runway called PostFold! With a dapper style of his own youll, more often than not, see him engrossed with his team figuring out more creative approaches to grow the brand. Bright and vibrant, just as he is as a person he decided to sport the Lustre mandarin collar for the shoot!

Dhruv Sachdeva

The golfer. Probably the most camera shy person we have ever shot but only we know how much fun it was getting these shots out of him. Not a bad job, eh? He picked out the rust sweatshirt with the elbow patches for his look.

Merrylin Boro

A seasoned model, This was the first time we worked with her and it was wonderful. The speed at which she worked with the photographer to get the right shots was no less than amazing. She’s wearing the safari dress and the plaid shirt dress.

Sanil Makhija

Sporty, adventurous and beard! Salil is a common friend of the brand. He joined us for the shoot and each picture showcases his intense yet versatile personality. He’s styled our military green knit shirt with open buttons over a turtle neck.

Gopalika Virmani

The fashionista, for some one who is only 26 years of age, it already feels like she’s a veteran of the industry. From styling shows in Milan to drinking kulad chai in CP she seems to be in the true sense, adaptable. A quality we strive to create in our products as we design them. For someone so perfectly in sync with the brand, one look wouldn’t have done justice. She is styled in the summer casual tunic with the tuxedo dress.

Tejashwar Sandhoo

We saved the favourite for the last. Tejashwar Sandhoo or as his 11500 fans know him, @blueberryblackout. He is one of the first male bloggers we collaborated with. An editor at ‘Limeroad’ on the weekdays and a blazing blogger on the weekends, his look was probably the most quirky of the shoot, Tej styled the women’s bomber over the Cotton Dobby Shirt.