As the chilly air transforms into a pleasant breeze, we at PostFold can hardly contain our excitement to introduce a fresh capsule collection for Spring. We cherish responsible fashion and thus, bring statement pieces that adapt well from AM to PM while ensuring their quality is excellent and the production is ethical.

You’ve probably seen the OG Shapeshifter – Kayaan Shiraz Contractor making powerful fashion statements on Instagram. Her profile is teeming with styles that are not only classy but also comfortable and unique. As she would affirm, breaking rules is a thing of the past; adding to them is more like it. All the designs of the collection have been conceptualised by her and brought to life by PostFold.

As fashion trends change with the hour, we strive to offer styles that make statements for a much longer time. Here’s what the collection denotes:

Subtle Statements

Making a statement is simply communicating your sense of fashion by wearing something unique that is unlike accepted fashion trends. However, donning flashy colours or sporting outrageous trends don’t necessarily help you to make a statement. Subtle pieces, for that matter, like a collar-less blazer or details like silhouettes, trims, and ruffles in our collection can help you boost your confidence. The key is to go for subtle pieces that are made with quality fabrics.

Shifting Silhouettes

Who doesn’t like pieces that let you shift from a day at the office to a night out with girls without having to change? A shawl-collared shirt, for that matter, in navy blue paired with white trousers is perfect for a casual outing or party. Add a blazer and replace the trousers with a skirt and you’re ready for the most important meetings.

We celebrate hues of simplicity – off-white, navy blue, charcoal grey that will never be out of fashion. These colours represent a more defined wardrobe which enables you to easily mix and match between all your garments. Keep this in mind when you are online shopping clothes.

Effortless Transitioning

The rush that defines our modern lives calls for a wardrobe collection that works throughout the day. While you save the fatigue that follows creating an outfit, a statement capsule makes you look good without resorting to complex and elaborate styles. Wide leg trousers with a sleeveless blouse have ‘casual work attire’ written all over them. Alternatively, just wear a casual shirt with the trousers and you have a comfortable outfit to get you from store to store for all the shopping you want.

PostFold and Shapeshifter come together to create a quality collection of powerful dressing for the season. For example, a shirt-collared dress is a fine example of a casual dress that can be easily accessorized during spring. Check out trousers, jackets and designer tops online in our collection that blur the lines between AM and PM clothing.