The modern lifestyle is a source of sensory overload, a bank of opportunities and aspiration. Life is full of work deadlines, the rapid pace and the itch to lay back and an impulse for more! At Postfold, we understand your aspirations and take inspiration from them. We design clothes which you identify with.

The Skyscraper Embroidered Shirt

Our cities are growing vertically, making room for all the residents and welcoming new people in it. The futuristic skyscrapers combine retail, living, parks, eateries and office spaces into a neighbourhood full of desires. They also cultivate social connect, making it easier for individuals to socialize in common areas and visit friends after work. This inspired us to design a minimally embroidered shirt with the motif of a skyscraper against the setting sun. A perfect cotton transitional piece for the social settings of work and beyond. Wear it with navy chinos and loafers for an effortless look.

The Poplin Coffee Shirt

The caffeine rush makes life easier and kickstarts your day. It gets you bright-eyed and engaged! It helps you the best when the energy levels make you peckish at 4 pm. Millennials run on coffee, which was the inspiration to design the Poplin Coffee Shirt. Made with durable and lightweight poplin which doesn’t crease very easily for those who are always on-the-go. It has embroidered brown coffee beans over a striking navy base. Pair this shirt with tailored brown trousers and oxfords for a preppy look.

The Wingman Embroidered Shirt

Millennials work longer hours at jobs to be able to afford a getaway once in a while to discover new places and cultures. More and more of us are saving up for a long, cost-effective trip. A vacation is one of the best things you can spend your money and time on to feel relaxed and free. Inspired by the free spirit this classic cotton button-down has detailed embroidered motifs of sparrows on it. Wear it with fitted camel-coloured trousers and brown monk shoes for an understated look.

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