The season spring summer’ 17 is about vibrancy, color, crispness and life. The design process for this season was inspired by mainly two stories: Sanctuary and Back To School.


Taking inspiration from nature, this collection focuses mainly on capturing the essence and elements of the forest. This collection boasts of patterns?like camouflage; embroideries and textures are inspired from leaves, flowers, fruits and other elements of nature. Greenery is the main inspiration behind?this theme. Refreshing and pure, this collection is everything nature promises.

Back To School

With this collection we have tried to focus on a youthful approach to the art of tailoring. Bringing back the innocent feeling of being a carefree child, this collection has prints that are inspired from all the random stuff that reminds us of that time in school like puzzles, beakers in chemistry lab, airplanes, paper boats, globe, spectacles etc. Nostalgia is the main inspiration behind this theme.

For each story, weve played around and experimented with unique aspects of design and we hope that they inspire you as much as they inspire us!