PostFold brings a unique styling and panel discussion event ‘Style Your Way’ to Gurgaon on Saturday, 11th August.

At the event, Merry Käufer, Indias First Personal Styling Platform will provide creative styling tips, handpick items from PostFold’s best sellers on location that fit your budget and style quotient and leave you feeling confident!

After you’ve gotten your signature look – join us for a panel chat where we will discuss dressing intertwined with careers and workspaces to enable you to always stay on your A-game!

Have a look at our panelists:

Samira Gupta, Image Management Consultant

At the event Samira will share her knowledge on the necessity of an individual professional image while being part of multicultural and competitive work spaces.

Anupriya Jain, Organizational Psychologist

At the event she will outline linkages between what your wardrobe speaks for you, its incidental understandings and how to consciously influence impressions.

Dr. Aastha Sachdeva, Counseling Psychologist At the event she will share her unique guidelines to convey your personal style statement while being consciously aware of the behaviors and reactions that surround you.

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We all look forward to seeing you on Saturday, August 11th at Innov8.

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