A cup of hot coffee later at our favourite cafe, we had finally arrived. Our brain had found the perfect inspiration for the Summer Collection 2017. Sometimes the places you visit leave an impact, their quaint little settings, with minimalistic architecture. The perfect mix of everything and nothing.

We preach work and fun come in the same package, thats exactly what symbolises the summer collection, Cafe and Crisp.

Long chats, juicy burgers and a tall glass of milkshake can make any 44 degree Celsius summer day better, the new summer cafe collection 2017 can get you through the day not only feeling comfortable but also looking your best.

A collection that is based on flow, light weight fabric with a play of stripes. Whether it be an early brunch date or an all inclusive day at work, the only thing you won’t have to stress about is how you look.

The Summer Crisp Collection 2017 is the fresh breeze we all are looking for in this time of the year. Corner tables and an old world architecture is the essence of this collection. It is the cool and collected kind. A statement thats never rushed.

A collection that is based on clean cuts and simple lines. Comfortable to get you from work to drinks anytime during the week.

CAFE AND CRISP SUMMER COLLECTION 2017 captures not only the fun side but also the calm side which every cup of coffee and a cafe is about.