The world coming together has given us a refined taste of global lifestyles and traditions. These distinct cultures incite us to try the unexplored and thus, restore our love for travel. And simultaneously, globalization has presented an opportunity for us to discover the otherwise discreet wonders.

The land where the Sun sheds the first of its rays- Japan is a universe enveloped with undisturbed practices. Japan’s ancient history in the form of tangible architecture and intangible culture represents the very best of the Oriental society. Here’s what the rest of the world can learn and embrace from Japan:

Civility & Sense of Self Renewal

The Japanese are exceptionally well mannered and courteous, to a point where they will go out of their way to help you. From taxi drivers who offer their umbrellas to strangers to a passerby who will accompany you to your destination to make sure you don’t get lost. Their resolute nature is praiseworthy as they never fail to find a way back from the hazards of the geographically vulnerable address of the country. The Japanese are known to resurrect their heritage in case it is harmed in any way due to a natural calamity.

The Cuisine

Japan is brimful of the hospitality etiquette that globetrotters adore. Each dish is prepared with thought and presented with delight. This is not just limited to upscale restaurants, however. The next-door noodle place will match, if not exceed, the taste of the top restaurants. You may indulge in specialities every day for a month without having the same one again. From grilled chicken skewers in Yurakucho to lip-smacking fresh sushi in Tsukiji market, their dishes are proof of their love and care for food.

The Fashion of Japan

The abundance of visual culture in Japan is certainly something quite influential. The Wabi-Sabi or ‘acceptance of imperfection’ has left its mark on the rest of world. With their pioneering work in fashion by bringing androgyny and unevenness in their projects, designers like Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto influence the western world with trends that stay in fashion for long.

Adopted by French art critic Philippe Burty, Japonism is the use of motifs such as dragons, birds, flowers, birds, and waves which have featured on dresses for sale and events like Dior Couture Show in 2007. The Kanji and Kana symbols, for that matter, can be seen on printed tees quite often – both on the high end and street brands.

The Cleanliness

The notion of organization and cleanliness is rather apparent on the streets of Japan. Not only with the initiatives taken by the government, but also with the active participation of the public the country stays clean. Locals cleaning the streets is a common sight during early mornings and unlike most schools worldwide, Japanese schools do not have janitors and it is the students who help clean and maintain their own classrooms.


The Japanese travel arrangements hardly need a mention, and yet they do. The best way to get around the nation is to take the bullet train and their metro is one of the most used public transportation systems. Marked in Japanese and English, their system is flawless and the trains are hardly ever late. The usage of bicycles to avoid traffic is also very common in cities like Tokyo.

Sundry of Travel Opportunities

The country is much more than modern cities and fashionable people. Japan has its own Alps (Japanese Alps), nothing short of beauty and grandeur than their Swiss counterparts, where backpacking is something you mustn’t miss. The iconic volcano Mount Fuji, on the other hand, is the highest mountain in the country, totally worth testing your limits.

Landscaped by the Maeda clan over 2 centuries ago, the Kenroku-en in the Kanazawa-jo castle has the 6 attributes of a perfect landscape. Fountains, arching bridges and plum and pine groves make for a perfect view while exploring the place. The numerous castles that date back up to 400 years are a must-visit.

Finally, do experience the luxury and comfort of staying at a Ryokan which is the name used for a traditional Japanese Inn. You can eat in your bedroom, take baths with majestic views in sight and roam and relax and unwind.

These are but a snippet of the Japanese cultural virtues. From famous Buddha temples, Onsens and gardens, Japan is an emblem of the way of life. Next time buying a kimono dress online take notice of the intricacies of the design. There is plenty to learn from the Land of the Rising Sun!