Willingly or unknowingly, we adapt to our eternally evolving lifestyles. When it comes to clothing, we must dress well and appropriately for the proceedings of the day to stay comfortable without appearing too casual. Our busy lifestyles require us to innovate with each progressive step. Thus, the millennials who take the society forward by leading passionate professional lives need to adapt to a trend that allows them to dress dynamically without investing extra effort. The solution is simple – buying blouses for women or shirts for men that don’t need to be changed post work.


You’re at work and you’ve just landed the biggest account; it calls for a party! You cannot very well drive home to change and arrive at the bar by the time everyone is tipsy or simply past the moment. The idea is to add some basics to your wardrobe that transition just as effortlessly as the quintessential black jumpsuit. The secret lies in choosing the right accessories.

You can wear a jacket over your romper for the meetings and just leave it on the back of your chair when heading out for a few drinks. Similarly, loafers or bellies in conference rooms that give subtle statements can transition into a pair of heels while on the way to the pub.

Formal jackets work well with sleeveless tops and skirts and can simply be left in the car when having dinner with your significant other. Change your day-time earrings with bolder crystal earrings for the night out. Finally, the bag is equally important – embellished tote for the post work engagement in exchange for the regular practical handbag.


Workplaces have evolved with time and given us the opportunity to dress as we please. However, the garments ought to be comfortable enough to move around or even to stay stationary in your seat throughout the day. They can’t be totally casual either for times when you must make an impact in a client meeting.

Shirts or Polo T-Shirts for Men are obvious choices for office wear. The idea is to create a wardrobe with semi-formal shirts in minimalistic hues that can be paired with just about anything without so much as a second thought. For example, you could wear a sky-blue shirt with a pair of beige or brown trousers to work and change into a pair of navy blue denim for drinks for the live music session at your favourite bar later.

Transitioning from AM to PM in the same clothes can be simple and doesn’t need to be a hectic task. Pairing your pink shirt with navy blue or grey trousers is the perfect combination. Suede loafers or brogues to go with and you’re ready for the biggest pitches. Finally, when you’re done dealing with the demands of your clients, you can simply untuck the shirt, roll the sleeves and substitute the brogues for your trendy sneakers and now you have the perfect ensemble for the gig for which you have been waiting.

In a world that demands us to rush through our waking hours, a relief like AM to PM clothing is more than welcome. It is not only convenient but also helps you to save big bucks without having to compromise on your fashion sense. And when you are on-the-go, you can always look on point with minimal effort.