The Idea

The practices of an apparel house determine the form of its clothes. We at PostFold, apply unconventional ideas and let the highest standards define our work culture instead. In our search for the quintessential piece of clothing, we have found our way around middlemen and unreasonable markups. This effort, in turn, has given us the opportunity to present an ever-evolving catalogue that is set on a blend of intents – quality that outlives speedy trends, design that outmatches the most elaborate wardrobe and a price that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

In the hurry that dictates our modern lives, PostFold is a plain sailing initiative with a purpose to revive meaning of individual dressing instead of letting the glorified modern vogue define our style.

The PF Culture

Customer’s needs and wants are the machinery of our fabrication process. Every stitch, every minuscule design and each button is carefully crafted and placed with the highest available quality of a fabric. With each stage we hope to transcend apparel to a level where outfits are essential pieces of dressing before they become party wear dresses or meeting clothes.

Child labour drives the labour intensive apparel industry and we challenge to accept that. Personal visits to the factory ensure a safe working environment for our workers. In addition, we make sure that they receive fair wages in accordance with industry standards. Such standards ensure that the workforce isn’t oppressed and their youngsters have a chance at education. Not only the present, but the future is important at PostFold when it comes to the matters of the staff.

Finally, we disagree to follow the industry trends and print the price tags that approximately amount to 8 times the manufacturing cost. Instead, we innovate efficient ways into our manufacturing process to streamline and minimize costs to provide the best of clothes at the lowest of prices.

Return to the Fold – Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is simply based on a manufacturing process with noble principles behind its design and craft. It ensures that the environment or the labour remain unaffected in the process. Apart from letting ethical fashion guide our outlook, we believe in giving back to the promising less fortunate ones. Be it men’s checkered shirts or linen dresses for women, we sincerely hope to reciprocate to the society whilst achieving our personal goals.

Definitive research, contemporary design, impeccable fabric, the hard work of the workforce and a little bit of our love affair with clothing brings a piece to life at Post Fold!

PF (PostFold): Little flashbacks of our prospective life wade their way into our minds during daily mundane activities – shower to dressing to breakfast. Now, wait. Take a step back and notice the last thing you do in front of the mirror before leaving for work. Notice and adjust the fall of your linen pants, the crease of your shirt, and the folds of your skirt or the cuff? Right after that last fold is where your story begins. And therefore: PostFold!