Modest details, black & white and everything essential; if that’s your definition of vogue, we’re discussing how you can throw the ‘boring’ label out of the minimalist wardrobe. Used in most art forms, Minimalism in fashion describes achieving the desired aesthetic with limited pieces, details, and silhouettes. The idea is simple: finding beauty in basics.

A minimalist’s cupboard offers adaptability and thus versatility. If you appreciate the significance of each piece and don’t need numerous items to satisfy your fashion sense, then here are a few tips to get it right:

Much more than Basics

The outline or silhouette of your attire is the highlight of minimal fashion. When online dress shopping, look for pieces that are stitched from regular fabrics into fresh silhouettes; an original neckline or contemporary sleeves. On that note, pick culottes instead of the regular pair of denim.

Highlight your Ensemble

Including pieces that become the focal point of your ensemble is essential. It is as simple as pairing a vibrant jacket with a plain dress or a sculptural top with a pair of regular trousers. Pastel tops and dark-hued skinny denim and basic t-shirts and full pleated skirts go well together. You may wear accessories as the highlight of your get-up as well.

It’s all about new Silhouettes

Depending on your idea of comfort, choose from well-tailored clothes to crafty oversized dresses. Going for loose and draped women’s clothes is a great idea.

Accessories are Influential

Buy less, but buy good; superior quality materials that last longer are always going to be a good idea. Same goes for your accessories. Buy bags that will go with most of your dresses or outfits. Dainty is the word when buying jewellery. Go for humbly detailed accessories like buckled handbags in shades like tan, nude or brown.

Contrast is Good

Apart from black, minimalist wardrobes are usually full of navy, grey and white. However, that is not to say that you can’t buy tones of mauve, olive, maroon etc. If you’re taking the neutral hue highway, you must know your way out of monochromatic outfit lanes. Contrasting shades, when donned together, bring that unique and interesting element to your look.

You can take inspiration from people travelling to work in the metro. Notice basic details that stand out and gradually integrate them into your styles. Once you’ve mastered the minimalist game, you’ll be able to pair your clothes skillfully and end-up saving those extra bucks.