Men often complain that they don’t have enough options when it comes to clothing as compared to the women. But with winter finally here, men can dress up as much as they like by mixing and matching some statement pieces with layering. They don’t have to look like they don’t know their fashion trends. So, here is a list of key pieces to look out for from our Winter Essentials Fashion Edit to help you get inspired:

1. The classic sweater with a twist

This is the kind of sweater you can wear for the office party at the end of the year and not worry about being boring or too outlandish. It looks classic at first glance but the spin on the classic comes with the textured acrylic fabric used for this piece. Its unique texture makes it a subtle statement piece that you can easily team with a work shirt under this and a pair of grey chinos and brogues to complete the look.

2. The statement pullover

Everybody needs to have a sweater in their wardrobe for a fun day out. It doesn’t need to be an ugly Christmas jumper or something off the runway, but sometimes, its good to stand out and make heads turn. This sweater does exactly that with its unique ombre dyed knit that you can pair with a pair of jeans, loafers and a pair of aviators to polish off the look for your day off.

3. The casual jacket

There are days when we feel relaxed and laid back. To reflect our mood, one needs a jacket that fits the bill for being comfortable as well as trendy. This baseball inspired pink jacket in pure cotton terry is one such piece that is perfect for your lazy Sunday getaway, after all, we all know that #RealMenWearPink.

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