With summers here, we all tend to gravitate towards lighter colours and comfortable fabrics, but often with men’s work wear, things tend to get boring very easily. Starched uncomfortable shirts in neutral tones seem to be what we often see, but your summer work wear doesn’t have to be limited to them. Here’s a list of the kind of shirts you can try experimenting with this season and change your style game.

Switch the colours you pick

The colours and tones you pick make a drastic difference to your look. While going to the office in bright red and yellows might not be the idea, you can always use tones like navy or maroon to add to an otherwise boring colour palette. An occasional bright hue is also not a bad idea on a Friday or Saturday when it might be a bit more relaxed and acceptable.

Find small surface details

Another way you can make a subtle change is by picking prints or shirts embroidered with small details and motifs like this shirt which has a cool but understated fish print on it. It’s fun, it’s different, yet it doesn’t make you look out of place. With prints and motifs like these, you don’t have to leave the fun factor behind.

Pick linen for a refined look

Linen automatically makes any boring shirt look much more polished and refined. When worn with the right accessories like cufflinks, tie, pins and the right watch, a linen shirt can make you look completely ready to take on anything that might come your way.

Try shirts in knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics are those that have some amount of elasticity and thus, fit us better than other fabrics. Knitted shirts are almost a novelty and fit so well that they look like they are custom made. Pick one in interesting or neutral tones as per your taste, because the fit itself will make all the difference; just like this knitted shirt with its suede trim detail.

Purchase the right fabric

When you invest in a shirt, make sure it’s made of a fabric that not only looks nice but also actually stays that way after use. A wash shouldn’t fade the colour or change the fit. Also, it’s important that it’s comfortable for the summer days. The ideal and best fabric for this would be Supima which is the world’s best cotton fabric. It’s brighter, stronger and softer than almost any other cotton fabric that you can find in the market.