Valentine’s Day dressing can often feel like a tricky affair. No matter whether you’re spending the special day popping champagne with your better half or eating one too many dimsums with your girlfriends, you’ve got to look your absolute best. So here’s a breakdown of how to put together the perfect Valentine’s outfit and look ravishing irrespective of how you spend the day:

Accentuate your favourite parts

Everyone has features that they absolutely love and can’t get enough of – flaunt them! When you’re choosing what to pick, ask yourself whether it’s going to accentuate your curves and highlight the parts you want to. Look out for formfitting designer tunics online that’ll highlight your long legs or show a little shoulder instead. A good-looking belt can be a saviour if you want to highlight your waistline and emphasize your curves.

When in doubt, go red

Wearing red, or even a shade of it is going to instantly transform your outfit from an ordinary ensemble to one perfect for Valentines Day. After all, if its red, its Valentines ready. Not to mention how incredibly sexy the colour red is. It’ll instantly make you look confident, bold and poised. However, you must remember not to go over the top with it. As per experts, you should wear it in contrast with neutral tones and make sure to balance it with the rest of your outfit.

Comfort is key

The biggest gift you can give yourself this V-day is to stay comfortable. When you’re out there having a good time, the last thing you want is to wish that you’d worn something more relaxed. If you’re wearing a flimsy top, make sure to carry overalls to keep you warm. You can find a host of comfortable yet stylish long shrugs online.

Match the occasion

What you’re planning to do and where you’re going is strongly going to determine what to wear. For a fun day out with friends, a casual yet chic ensemble will be best to reflect your good spirits. A lunch date out in the open can be easy-going yet classy with white pants and a fancy off-shoulder embroidered blouse. For dinner plans, go for an elegant yet sensual dress and pair it up with strappy heels.

And here’s a special tip: don’t forget to be yourself and have some fun while you’re at it. Youll look your best when you feel your best and your Valentine is bound to appreciate that. So go out there, dress well, have some fun and make it one to remember. And if you are still confused, you can always count on our Valentine’s Day Edit to help you find the perfect outfit.