There’s a vast difference between ‘mess’ and ‘mesmerizing’, isn’t it? Case in point: your wardrobe. It’s always a mess and never mesmerizing. But do you know what is massively uplifting? Simplifying it all.

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That is what bridges the smooth sounding gap between a messy wardrobe and a mesmerizing wardrobe. After all, a simple wardrobe opens the doorway to easier mornings, quick outfit decisions, and a significant chunk of your peace of mind. A neat, organized wardrobe means you have all your clothes arranged right before your eyes. This will allow you to better utilize all your clothes rather than repeating the ones on top of the pile if your wardrobe is a mess.

Pay attention now. Here are a few neat tricks to simplify your wardrobe:

Hoarding is Betraying Your Wardrobe

The number one cause of complicated, exasperating wardrobes is that there is too much of everything. If you look closely, you are bound to find clothes that do not fit you, clothes you have outgrown, outfits that are no longer in trend, apparels that are torn or stained, outfits that are basically similar, and clothes you have never worn in life and never will. Yes, it will take a bit of time to expel them all out of your closet, but it’s worth it.

Best of all, you can donate these excess clothes to charity instead of simply dumping them. Doing so will make you feel positive about your wardrobe simplification process immensely.

Keep the Feel-Good Factor in Your Armoury

Once the basic sorting is done, you can move on to the next step i.e. making tough decisions on ground zero. Often, one can’t decide whether it would be wise to get rid of, let’s say, that dinner jacket you kind of like but have never worn. In simplifying your wardrobe, making the right choices is critical, which is why you should only stick to clothes and outfits that you absolutely love and that send you that good vibe. “Ummm…this one’s not too bad, I got it on discount!” will not cut it! Nor will those pieces of your wardrobe that haven’t been worn in two seasons.

Arranging by Season is No Treason

Another great way to simplify your wardrobe is to simply rinse it out every season – more so if you are suffering from a lack of space! Simply pack up your winter clothes when summer sets in and do the same with summer clothes when the reverse happens. This keeps your wardrobe more organized than you can even imagine. Additionally, create an innocuous space in your closet where all your outfits that remain unaffected by seasons go. Your best denim shirts, scarves, pleated trousers and more should be tucked in there.

When it comes to basics, unfortunately, many people resort to impulsive buying. This leads to accumulation of too many low-quality basic pieces which eventually burst out of your wardrobe! Therefore, always make sure that you are buying basic, capsule outfits of the highest quality. This way, your basics will double up as your sophisticated outfit options as well.

Go for the Offensive with a Personal Uniform<

For a drastic tidying up of your wardrobe, invest time in creating a unique style for yourself. This means sticking to a basic look that overtime comes to be your personal style. Love to wear linen shirts with skirts to the office? Great! Buy different styles and hues of linen shirts for women and eliminate everything else from your wardrobe apart from 2-3 different ensembles or pieces every season.

Colour is closely associated with one’s personality. Taking this as a cue, you can create a minimalistic yet intensely personal wardrobe in a pre-decided colour palette of clothes that goes well with your personality. Not only will it create an iconic image for you but also help you spend less time trying to match outfits.

There you go! All that’s now left is marching up to your wardrobe and conquering it with a swift assault on its disorganization.