PostFold was born from a realization that affordable, transitional garments were much needed for the millennial generation.

Driven by the notion that it is possible, Aashray and Ashish set out on a mission to fill this niche by leveraging their network to ethically manufacture garments that are of high quality, yet affordable.

We sat down with Aashray and Ashish to get a grasp of the mission and how the brand has evolved since they started PostFold almost two years ago.

In this segment we chat about the need for versatile garments and the inspiration behind PostFold.

What got you interested in creating garments?

We felt a genuine need for garments that didn’t break the bank and fit well once we moved back from the US. We realized that we needed clothes that weren’t time based or situation based and we couldn’t find these clothes in the market. Either the price was too high, the quality too low or even the fit just not right. With millennials taking up the working sphere and the start-up culture growing, the need for versatile smart casuals was something that was becoming apparent. To fill that niche, we created PostFold.

Why is versatility of a garment so important and what is the ideology behind it?

Think of your day, it’s most likely dynamic! – from meetings at work to dinner with friends – this is a situation where versatility of your garment is important.

Your clothes need to move at the same pace as your schedule and at times, that may require a change of outfit. At PostFold, we aim to deliver quality clothing that a) takes you through your schedule with ease and b) reduces the number of garments you purchase since one garment functions for multiple occasions.

“I don’t put in a lot of effort in thinking about what to wear ever since we started PostFold. I just simply wear what I like and go about my day, whether it’s a meeting or a party later. I always feel ready to tackle both.” -Aashray

What is the future of ethical fashion in India?

The future of ethical fashion lies with educated consumers. These are the consumers who petition to be educated if their clothes are produced ethically, for example, and buy fashion brands that stand behind the cause. Postfold, being ethical, gives us a cause to go behind and our business a purpose.

What ethics and ideas will become paramount as the brands evolve?
  • Ethical labor treatment
  • Accountability for waste

The garment manufacturing industry is very labor intensive and it is our responsibility, as a human to another human, to ensure, encourage and enforce the ethical and fair treatment of everyone involved in the production process. Waste accountability is another huge problem within the industry. Every day this industry accumulates shreds and scraps that can be recycled or upcycled. As a young brand, we are trying our best to find ways to curb this issue.

Anything else you want to highlight in this section?

A friend’s wife once told us that ever since she started buying from PostFold she has to put in half the time than she did earlier to get ready. She would end up going home after office before heading out for a party or dinner. With PostFold she needs minimal changes like an added neckpiece and bolder make-up feels ready to go without making the trip home. And we think that was a great feedback and pat on the back for us.