The question often on our minds as we launched was what kind of impact were we making with our products. The truth is not much; fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. While the industry makes people look good, we needed to make them feel good.

With Do Better; Be Better as our motto, the aim is to try to be a brand that is not only financially conscious about our customer's pockets. But also, socially conscious about the impact we are making. It started with the yearly #DoGoodDiwali campaign. Building upon it, we have now partnered with NGOs that have made a mark in helping people in need.So for us, every day is about doing better and being better.

the do better be better T-SHIRT

The t-shirt that comes with the same Postfold promise of quality & timelessness, but with the added spark of gifting joy.

You can help us make an Impact with the #DoBetterBeBetter T-shirts. Fifteen per cent of all proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt that you buy helps us fund our initiatives with our partner NGOs & more.



Over 80 billion clothes get manufactured each year yet so many don’t have access to this fundamental necessity; this made us want to better this narrative. We joined hands with ClothesBox Foundation whose mission is to make clean clothes available for all. With their help, we donate all sample and surplus clothing that we generate to those who need it more than us and help close the loop.

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We have always believed the core of our brand is the people who work behind the scenes. In addition to ensuring a happy and safe work environment, we wanted to do something more for our workers. By joining hands with Light Up Foundation, we are helping the workers identify, label and understand their emotions better. With time we hope to help them turn their negative thoughts into positive ones, develop social & problem solving skills and improve their overall self-esteem and lead emotionally wholesome lives.

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The truth is we hate the impact that plastic has on the planet. However, we realized that being in an industry where plastic usage is in abundance, it was nearly impossible for us to completely eliminate it from our supply chain. Plastic has qualities that keep our products fresh for longer and it can get transported without getting dirty. There had to be a better way! Since we can’t get rid of plastic completely, what we could do was reduce & repurpose it. We have eliminated the use of plastic completely from all forms of packages that you receive from us, our office is completely plastic free. We recycle all the plastic we receive and consciously collect from our factories and repurpose them so they don’t end up in landfills. We are trying to play a small part to solve a much bigger problem. Learn more about our plastic recycling initiative here

Learn more about our re:create initiative